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ORCA Home fosters an innovative, ambitious culture that expresses itself through fabrics. Our customers are passionate about art, colours, designs, textures, and so are we.

We are a creatively-led company, constantly forming heightened customer experiences through curated product assortments.

Inspired by their leadership, the people of ORCA Home work in a dynamic environment. A deep relationship with our brands, our business model, and our motivation is prioritized and encouraged.

Who we are?

ORCA Home is a place where people are passionate, playful and inspired. We are a group of individuals working as a team, constantly striving to be the best collectively as well as individually.

The same spirit that flows within our brand makes us who we are.

We are recognised not only for the certified, tested quality of our fabrics, but also because we’ve built our name in a consultation capacity, advising in all things interiors, designs and fabrics.